Ryan Lomax | 项目经理

Ryan found us as a creative visualization artist with technical skills in design and construction documentation. In addition, he harbors an enthusiastic lifelong study of theatre, theme parks, dramatic cinematic sequences, and inspiring musical movements. His goal, to bring a methodical design approach to creating memorable environments and functional spaces, makes him a perfect fit within the Clickspring team. So of course, to say we were enchanted with Ryan’s vast background and experiences is an understatement!

Hailing originally from Colorado, Ryan studied Set & Exhibit Design at the Art Institute of California – Hollywood. He was able to apply this knowledge in every stage of a project, from brainstorming to installation. He can manage any budget or schedule and is a pro at identifying the needs of fussy clients. After spending time in California, Ryan relocated to Austin where he joined our growing office in 2019.

While Ryan started his career by dabbling in writing, directing, editing, and acting, he found his true passion in the overarching thematic design of a project. He is also a connoisseur of Topo Chico and chasing his kids around the yard. In work and at home Ryan’s favorite task is to tell a story and immerse the guest—or kiddo—in his imagination.